Top 10 Selling Bike in India 2019

Top 10 Selling Bike in India 2019

Top Selling Bike in India, For the month of April 2019, a list of top-selling bikes has been released in India. The list shows that Hero MotoCorp dominates sales with its Splendor model range in the month of April 2019.

Top 10 Selling Bike in India List

1. Hero Splendor Plus- Rs. 50,000

Hero Splendor Plus, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

Hero Splendor Plus is one of India's most prestigious and best-selling motorcycles. Hero Splendor Motorcycle, for years, being a reliable motorcycle, people like India do a lot. However, the work of Hero Splendor Plus motorcycle is to take a motorcycle at a low cost, so you are the best. Hero Splendor Plus In the coming years the model is particularly prominent and runs with the competition. Provides very good premiums and features in the models described here.

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2. Hero HF Deluxe- Rs. 39,990

Hero HF Deluxe, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

The hero has not only made a name for himself but also has become a brand for most commuter buyers. Bajaj CT 100 is seen in that segment as a promising product for anybody in the budget because it provides all the above HF deluxe without spending extra money. On the other hand, TVs offers a lot of games because it brings a style dash in the segment with its color combination and design. The engine feels equally sophisticated on the TV in the form of heroes and offers many benefits as claimed by the ARAI. In addition, equally with large networks and service costs, it comes in the form of better value for money.

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3. Honda Activa 5G- Rs. 54,236

Honda Activa 5G, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

Although upgrading the LED headlights and semi-digital consoles on the new generation of Honda Activa cannot be said as a generation upgrade, it is important to further strengthen the active position in the Indian two-wheeler market. Otherwise, considering the level of comfort, refinement, quality and practical features on the TVS Jupiter offer, it comes in the form of a more premium offer. He said that we are certain that the Activa brand will maintain its position as the best-selling scooter in India, in the last decade it is made due to its name.

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4. Bajaj Pulsar 150- Rs. 68,025

Bajaj Pulsar, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

If you are looking for an entry-level 150cc motorcycle then Bajaj Pulsar 150 is still a great option. The motor points to a similar display, which makes the Pulsar brand popular among the youth, and due to Bajaj's offer, it aggressively pays the price well. The style can be better and build quality, in the long run, improvement is needed, but it is still a well-rounded motorcycle.

5. Hero Passion Pro- Rs. 53,675

Hero Passion Pro, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

Hero Passion Pro does not wander away from its commuter genes, however, which separates it from its competition, it is extra modernity like the IOS system, which helps to remove the maximum fuel efficiency.

6. Bajaj Platina 110- Rs. 50,106

Bajaj Platina, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

When we did not capture the Bajaj Platina 110 CBS, we got an opportunity to test a version of the exact same motor on the Discover 110. Although the engine is not the largest in its segment, it may be treatable and refined. In addition, the inclusion of CBS, new graphics, a large motor, and a nifty small foot stay designed for children has made the bike more attractive. Not to mention, the price is Rs 49,300 (ex-showroom, Pune) explodes between its rivals.

7. Hero Glamor- Rs. 59,000

Hero Glamor, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

Hero Glam has finally received cosmetic and mechanical updates which were always entitled to it. For the nominal premium compared to the current model, the new glamor builds on your shortlist for a smart and reasonable computer for a fabulous motorcycle.

8. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V- Rs. 86,003

TVS Apache RTR, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

If a bike is to live in the cut-throat 160cc two-wheel segment, then it will compete to compete in price and adequate performance to keep the riders happy. Thankfully, the Apache RTR 160 4V delivers well with class-leading features and price tags on both fronts, starting at Rs 81,490 (X-showroom for carb, single-disc version). However, it is not convinced by Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 or Honda Hornet as hard breaking. That said, Apache RTR 160 4V is not only the most sophisticated RTR, which we have ride till today, but is one of the most sophisticated 160cc motorcycles manufactured in India.

9. Bajaj CT100- Rs. 38,806

Bajaj CT100, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

The Bajaj CT100 bike is the manufacturer's entry-level motorcycle and now it has been updated with electric start in India. The Bajaj CT-100 Electric Start has been launched with the initial price of 638,806 (ex-showroom, Maharashtra), while the price of the bike is priced at 41,997 (ex-showroom) in Delhi. This is the fourth version to be presented on the CT100. In fact, Bajaj Auto introduced CT100 with alloy wheels last month which included CT100b and CT100 spoke options. With the new Bajaj CT100 ES kick start, the 7000 is more expensive than the bare bones CT100.

10. Honda CB Shine 125- Rs.57687

Honda CB Shine, Top 10 Selling Bike in India, best selling bike in india

Honda CB Shine is one of the most popular motorcycles from the Japanese manufacturer. This is the best-selling 125cc motorcycle in its segment. Powering it is 124.73cc single-cylinder engine, which makes the power of 10.8PS and 10.3Nm of the torque, which is for the 5-speed gearbox. Honda has claimed 65kmpl mileage for CB Shine. Shine drum variants start at Rs 58,097 and go up to Rs 63,316 for discs and CBS variants.

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