About Odisha | Top 10 Things You Must Know state of Odisha

About Odisha

About Odisha | Top 10 Things You Must Know the state of Odisha. Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Odisha state, but we do not know much about our own states and this is a great misunderstanding why we have brought it. So let's talk today, Odisha knows about the state in a sufficient condition of culture and the top 10 facts.

10) History of Odisha

about odisha, History of Odisha

Did you know that Odisha was first known as Kalinga and Utkal in history? The name of this state has been changed several times. The name of this state was named Odisha in 2011, the history of Odisha is very old and you will be surprised to hear that at a time when the eastern part of Odisha was occupied from Ganga to the Godavari, then Odisha was captured by the Mughal Sultanate and the British. And this state was ruled by the year 1508.

You may be surprised to know that during World War II, Hitler tried to win Odisha. He believed that this state has so much natural substance that it can win any war easily. Even the German ship had reached the middle of the journey, but the situation was such that Hitler had never reached Odisha and the capture here was a dream for them.

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9) Culture of Odisha

about odisha, Culture of Odisha

Very few people know that people of 62 communities live in Odisha, you have heard right and people of every community have their own identity and culture. It is a state full of culture, Oriya is the main language here in Odisha. But in addition, various languages ​​are also spoken in Sambalpuri language, which is involved in Odissi dance around the world and its stance is very attractive.

This is why the Odissi dance is not only in India, but the whole world and people coming from different regions and countries to learn it. Not only that, but the Odissi dance is also considered the oldest dance, which is done by archaeologist certified. Apart from this, Tarakshi's work on gold silver is also very famous in Odisha.

It is mostly known as Fajili, it is the work of the people of gold or silver that look very beautiful.

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8) Politics of Odisha

about odisha, Politics of Odisha

The biggest political party in Odisha is the Biju Janata Dal. Named after the famous personality Bijay Patnaik. Chief Minister Biju Patnaik's son Naveen Patnaik has been chief minister for 4 consecutive terms since 2000, Odisha has been ruling since 2000.

The Congress has already ruled here, but after the arrival of a new person, the BJD has to become the ruler every time. The first Chief Minister of Odisha was Harikrishna Mahavat of Congress and the first woman Chief Minister was the Nandini Satpathy of the Congress.

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7) Famous facts from Odisha

about odisha, Famous facts from Odisha

Sambalpuri and Ikat Saris of Odisha is famous in India. These handloom saris are available everywhere in Odisha. These saris are also sold in other states. It is mainly cotton and silk. Do you know that the red crab found in this state is near the Tansisiri river, the red crab is a rare species which is seen in such a large number only in Orissa.

You will be happy to know that Mayurbhanj is a place in Odisha that is free from child labor. No one here can work with small children and violation is strictly followed. Here the idol of Lord Hanuman is the biggest statue of God. It is Asia's largest statue and this place is known as Hanuman Vatika is here. Due to having a steel plant in Rourkela, people come here to work with India.

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6) Scenic places of Odisha

about odisha, Scenic places of Odisha

There are many sights in Odisha where tourists can roam comfortably and there are so many things to look for. First, Lake Chilika is very famous because Chilika is Asia's largest lake. Every year there are different types of birds that have a very beautiful view.

According to one figure, almost 160 species of birds flow throughout the year. Apart from this, Bhitarkanika is very famous for the crocodile. Here you can go to the safari in the jungle and see different types of food.

If you like animal birds, then many animals can be found in Nandan Kanan Koraput. The biggest port of Odisha Kutak is one of the historical places here and it is worth seeing here. There are many saris here, besides the Sambal Hirakud dam is about 10 kilometers away, Asia is considered to be the longest dam.

5) Temples of Odisha

about odisha, Temples of Odisha

Puri Jagannath Temple is a famous temple in the world. Do you know that 56 types of dishes are prepared every day in Jagannath temple? People who can eat after worship. In it, Dalma is the most beloved food. Jah-Bhubaneswar Lingaraj Temple is situated in Bhubaneswar, and Lord Shiva is considered to be the oldest temple.

Bhubaneswar is very crowded on the occasion of Pe Shivaratri Ram temple and it is very famous because of its many temples here. This city is also called the city of temples, besides Kailash temple of Dhenkanal Jain idols of Dhenkanal. The temple of Mother Tarini is also of little importance, West Odisha is known for most temples. There are many temples here such as the Harishankar Yogini Temple, Huma Temple, Konark Sun Temple.

When the temple is going on, how can you forget the Sun temple of Konark? The sun radiates first in this temple, which Narasamadev had made. They had a magnet inside the temple. It is said that whenever a ship came near it, the temple would pull it on its side. This kind of work was done in that it was possible to find time according to the speed of the sun, the Buddhists considered Ratnagiri, Lalit Giri, and Udaygiri as the diamond triangle of Odisha.

There are Buddhist stupas and monuments here, but here you will find old old statues of idols. It is a major tourist destination of Odisha. Padmashambha Mahavir Math is the largest Buddhist monastery in South Asia, founded by the Dalai Lama.

4) Festival of Odisha Rath

about odisha, Festival of Odisha Rath

The journey is considered to be the oldest festival of Odisha. In it, Lord Jagannath Pal Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are placed on the chariots. Your chariot is left here. On the day of Rath Yatra, devotees come in a number of millions and draw chariots. On the day of Rath Yatra, it is celebrated in different cities of Odisha.

In addition to Odisha, the chariot is celebrated even in Gujarat. Today, even in different countries, chariots are drawn. You will be surprised to know that Odisha is the largest open-air theater in the world, which is held in Bargarh district, which reflects the story of Lord Krishna and Kanishka mama, apart from this, is organized in India. Surf Festival where tourists can enjoy surfing, yoga, and nature, as well as enjoy delicious food here as well. Dussehra is a magical festival of Odisha and it is celebrated with loud noise in Kutark Sahar.

3) Odisha's Food

about odisha, Odisha's Food

The most famous meal of Odisha is the curd Vada Potato Dham. You will find it in every street and in the city. The people here eat it in the evening snacks, start with breakfast. In addition, Salipuri rosegold initiative Rasogola is also very famous and delicious.

If you are going to Odisha, then first of all, here you are here, but you are here, and the water street food definitely tastes. You can also find various types of roasted sweets. Which is very tasty in the food. If you are carnivorous then you will get all kinds of food in which the crab Masala is a very delicious dish.

2) Some unheard of things about

about odisha, Some unheard of things about

Odisha and Odiya are a village that is in the heart of Odisha. Where people sleep in the door open Would you be surprised to know that about 12 Oriya soldiers gave their lives for the protection of the country in the Kargil war Sudarshan Patnaik has been honored many times for the idol of sand from the countries of Bahar?

His name has also been included in the Guinness Book of World Records, making the biggest sandcastle for India's first fighter plane. Team of Tejas Aircraft, Oriya Diabetic Dr. Kota Harinarayan had a lead.

1) On the path of progress in Odisha 

about odisha, On the path of progress in Odisha

Philosophers Location, Food, and drink are still a lot of things that Odisha needs to go on the path of progress. First of all, there are not enough people to read here. Roads are not well in the village, the medicines are very low, people take medicines for medicines.

You will not believe that nowadays there are Odisha in the world of mobile technology. There are about 10000 villages, where there is no mobile tower, the good thing is that every coin is laid out and these rules also apply in a state like Odisha. So it was our top 10 facts about Odisha.

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