Top 10 Best Bicycle in India Under 10000

Top 10 Best Bicycle in India Under 10000

Best bicycle in India, In this review, I will compare India's top 10 best bicycles under 10000. I will see the overall quality, price as well as suspension, gear, etc. All selected products are cycled for adults below 10000.

Buying a budget bike is usually more difficult. You need to research the product thoroughly otherwise you will maintain a lot of time and money.

Top 10 Best Bicycle in India List Under 10000

1. Hercules Roadeo A50

Hercules Roadeo A50, best bicycle in india

If you are trying to make a statement with your bike, then this cycle will definitely attract you. The bicycle looks really good and premium. The decals used are the bright and modern look. It is easily one of the best Hercules gear cycles under 10000 in India.

The cycle actually rides well. You can relax on the road to the slightest bumps and pits. If you are not planning to ride more than 25km in a day, then this bike will really suit you well. You can see later restoration of the saddle for more comfort.


  • The disc brake is used in the front-wheel, while the rear tire is equipped with a wire brake.
  • The frame is made of light aluminum alloy
  • The bike comes with 21 gear. Use of Gear Type Thumb / Easy Fire Shifts (Shimano)
  • There is also a front suspension of the bicycle. It actually helps on rugged roads
  • Tires are 26 inches

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2. Mach City iBike

Mach City iBike. best bicycle in india

This cycle is also included in our list of best bicycles in India. This shows that this is a good product, even if it costs Rs. Less than 10,000 This is the perfect bicycle for anyone, who wants to travel around 10 to 15 kilometers a day.


  • Do not come with any disc brakes or suspension. It helps in keeping weight down on the bike of this city.
  • Brakes used on both wheels are regular wire breaks.
  • The frame is made using light steel
  • Tire size is 26 inches
  • This 21 comes with Shimano Gear system in which the thumb is shifted.
  • Front-wheel and seat posts come with a quick-release system for easy maintenance.
  • Paddles made using Velodriew Technique to reduce stress while riding difficult terrain.

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3. Btwin Riverside 100

Btwin Riverside 100, best bicycle in india

Btwin Riverside 100 is a really good hybrid bicycle. You can use it to park around the park or for your casual ride. This is a very versatile product and it can be used in many ways. You can easily carry this cycle with you for your weekly off-road trail ride.


  • The frame is made using steel.
  • There is no shock absorber in it.
  • 6-speed gear with Revo shifts
  • Break-V brake

4. Hero Traveler

Hero Traveler, best bicycle in india

A beautiful-looking single-speed bicycle. It is a hybrid bike with 700c (thin tires). A perfect purchase for a person looking for an inexpensive but fast bicycle to travel around the city.

A simple but elegant bicycle model. There is no gear, disc brake or suspension in it. However, this segment has a better build quality and frame design than many bicycles.


  • You can upgrade brakes if you think their performance is not good enough, especially during the rain.

5. Huffy Granite

Huffy Granite, best bicycle in india

In this model, there is a lot more with the Hero Cycle discussed above. This bike comes with a hard frame, no gear or disc brakes. The only major difference between the two is the tire. Huffy granite comes with a regular pair while Hero Sprint is equipped with a 700 C


  • The company also offers a little premium model of the same bike. This model comes with slightly more attractive colors and is also equipped with gear. You can compare that mode by clicking here.

6. Hercules Roadeo Hardliner

Hercules Roadeo Hardliner, best bicycle in india

Hardliner is designed by using aluminum alloy frames. Bicycle is equipped with 18 gear to help you win many different types of terrains.

The frame size of this model is 18.5 inches, which is ideal for the average Indian cyclist (height 5 feet to 3 inches by 5 feet 9 inches) Hercules Rodeo Hardliner - Best bicycles in India under 10000

A bicycle does not come with extra luggage like Mudguard or Side Stand. You must buy them separately while ordering.

This is a hard work model. This means that it comes with front suspension to make your ride more comfortable.

Chakra uses V brake, which can be easily adjusted and sufficient for regular use.

This model is available in silver / white color. It will look good for both adolescents and adults. However, if you are making something more colorful and adolescent, then you can consider Hercules Roadove Maverick.

7. Bike ARK Orb (Fixie Cycle)

Bike ARK Orb (Fixie Cycle), best bicycle in india

You will immediately notice that this is not your regular cycle. This wheel looks amazing but you should not buy it for its look. This is a FICCI cycle. If you do not know what a fic bike is, then keep reading. I will explain it briefly.

There are two ways to operate this bike. It has a rear flip flops hub. You can use it to change the mode of operation.

FICCI MODE OR FIXED GEAR - In this mode, the bicycle moves only when you hit the pedal. If you stop pedaling then the bicycle will stop immediately. Think of it as if your pedals are hard-wired on your back wheel. The wheel rotates on the pedal itself.
Freewheel mode - this is like your regular bicycle. In this mode, you can stop the pedal, but the cycle will still keep moving.
I hope this will help you understand how this bicycle works.


  • Nice clean sleek design If you prefer attractive bikes which move fast You can buy this product.
  • As the name suggests, this is a ficci bike. It does not have gear
  • The frame is made using steel but it is light compared to other bicycles in this list.
  • There is no suspension in it.
  • The size of the tire is 26 inches.
  • It also plays a bullhorn handbill for extra comfort during a long ride
  • Some practice is required to ride in Fixi mode. I suggest going slow for a few months before trying to speed up.

8. Kross Maximus

Kross Maximus, best bicycle in india

The bike looks really good. I love black color and minimum decimation on this. The bike is simple to look at but actually works well. This is a well-built strong bicycle. It is a front suspension to take you to thick areas and trails.

Tip - You can actually remove the sticker completely to get a nice clean black look.


  • The frame is made of stainless steel. Make the bike a little rough.
  • There is a disc brake in the front wheel while the regular wired in the rear wheel.
  • Comes with front suspension
  • Shimano 21-speed gear with thumb shifts

9. Hero Ranger DTB VX

Hero Ranger DTB VX, best bicycle in india

This is the third bicycle in our list of best bicycles in India under 10000. This cycle is made for two reasons:

This cycle is all bright and colorful. Children just like it. It has everything that children want. Dual Suspension for their Rough Riding Used to carry your bags/toys. A nice casual attitude/seat to enjoy with your friends while riding.

10. Hercules Roadeo A275

Hercules Roadeo A275, best bicycle in india

This is the third Hercules Rosado in the list so far. They are good, I do not have any choice other than to be included in the top 10 list. This particular variant is available online in two different colors. Red blue

I personally like colors and decals on bikes. Roadeo A275 is easily one of the best-looking budget cycles in India.


  • This is a 21-speed gear cycle with Shimano Derrilliers (thumb shifts)
  • The frame is really well-built. Aluminum alloy has been used in this.
  • There is a disc brake in the front wheel, while the back wheel has a normal wired brake.
  • Tire size is 27.5 inches (larger than regular 26-inch tire)

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